Something New!

I decided to try something a little different in the studio, after being inspired by some photographs online. It was also nice to just try something for the sake of it, without feeling it has to be perfect, so here they are – berries splashing into water.
They aren’t as sharp as I would like, as the synchronized lights I was using couldn’t take the shutter speed required to capture them frozen, rather than with the motion blur, so I will try this again soon, using unsynced lighting.


It is a slightly ironic (to say the least!) that the last post talked about how little I have kept this up to date, and once again I haven’t sorry! This is mostly due to constantly updating my study blog, Facebook and Instagram pages, so I keep forgetting to up load photographs on here too!
And again I will say I plan to keep this up to date, prehaps once a week as a starting point, until I have more time to keep it current!

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Until next time, live life, and create!