Beyond the Edge

So I haven’t posted in a while as I have been crashing after an amazing year of learning and creativity! I thought while I have a moment I would upload some photos of my work that was displayed at our end of year exhibition Beyond the Edge.


Above is an image of my photographic series Expression of the Feminine. (photo by Rachael Anne Photography NZ)
I am so so thankful for all the support I have received from all my wonderful friends and family, along with my wonderful classmates, I am so blessed to be studying alongside such dedicated and talented people. All the advice, encouragement and teaching from my tutors, from this past year has been invaluable, you’re all such role models, and continually inspire me to reach further and higher than ever before.
(Thank you for all your support also, I could not have achieved what I have this past year without you all.)

As I have mentioned in a prior post; I will continue to blog over the holidays from time to time, as I continually research and grow in my photographic journey, (and may it ever continue!).

To see daily images of my work go have a look at my photography Instagram @rachaelannephotographynz and also regular updates on Facebook Rachael Anne Photography NZ.