New Year, New Opportunities

As we head into a new year with ideas of how we would like to revolutionise how we live, or with big plans for the months ahead it can be slightly daunting. However it is also filled with a new excitement, a new day equals new opportunities right?


As I head into a new year, and also my last year of my bachelors Degree, it is a little sad yet also extremely exciting, as the projects to follow will be so much better planned and larger (hopefully!) than those I have already experimented and completed. I hope at some point this year to intern with a magazine or news paper as a photographer, or collaborate in similar ways, the more experience I can gain the better!

I have recently been reading a lot of photographers perspectives, advice and insights they have learnt over the years, and some in this last year past, and it has given me a new excitement and passion to push myself further into the unknown and try new projects.

One of these posts was by the amazing Kevin D. Jordan talking about his photography resolutions and plans for the year ahead, I found it really inspiring as I too think about the next steps in the months ahead.

I thought I’d post it here for those who want a look and for me to also come back and read again. (the Link is below)

To see more from Kevin D. Jordan go have a look at his Facebook, Instagram or website!


Smell the Roses

I took some time out today to walk through the local gardens and smell the roses. So I thought I would share a few (okay maybe more than a few!!), of the photos I took along the way. All photos were taken on a phone camera. Hope you enjoy them 🙂

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Images by Rachael Anne Photography nz.

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