Day One


So another term has begun, another year waiting to be packed with creativity, creative thinking, people and research! With research already underway, I am feeling really excited to be back in a learning environment, filled with anticipation for getting back into the photography studio and taking new photos!

So semester one, 2017 .. here’s to the future!



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New Study Term!

So . . with less than a week out until the a new study term kicks back in, I have been preparing myself for another year of study. And my last year of study (for now anyway!), as I will be completing the third year of my Bachelor in Arts!


The last few years have been  a wonderful experience, being surrounded with great classmates, tutors, and learning! I am anticipating another great semester of photography, being in the studio and working with talented people.

I have had a wonderful and refreshing study break, so I am feeling ready and raring to go! :p
(I will post some pics soon, that I have taken of the beautiful weather I have been enjoying! Check out my Instagram since I’ve popped a few up there already!).

I have been trying hard to publicise my photographs over the holidays, along with doing some freelancing, so keep an eye out for updates of the process as I create and adventure into new concepts and techniques!




Old Favourites

I’ve had a few spare moments recently to go through some old photographs and found some from a few fashion shoots. I thought it’s about time to get them out on the web and share them around!

A big thanks to my wonderful model and friend Bethan for being my patient model and assistant! (Here’s to the year ahead of study 😉

Above is a sneak peek at some of the photos, the rest can be found at either of the links below.

I hope to get back into the studio very soon, as I have been on a break for so long . . . I’m ready to launch into a new year of fashion and creativity.

To see daily photographs go check out my Instagram and slightly less frequent updates on my Facebook

Until next time . . . Stay creative, people!!